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A New Kind Of Magic

In the Chronicles of a Fractured Soul series, the Healer-heroine’s daughter and her friends are able to stop a very powerful sorcerer from controlling them. In fact, they capture him. He doesn’t understand how and thinks they are using a new kind of magic, which he must discover.

I wondered how the young people could have controlled him since they were inexperienced and uninitiated Healers.

You see, when I am writing, the story comes from somewhere else. In the books, I’ve written about a lot of magical and spiritual things that, when I go researching later, I find are actually valid concepts and often part of some obscure, forgotten teachings.

And this was the case here, as well. I had written this scene several years ago, and figured I was just taking some literary license. Then I heard Lynn McTaggart, in The Power of Eight, talk about the power of group intention and it clicked. That’s what the young Healers were doing. Their combined efforts focused on one intention were far more powerful than an accomplished sorcerer’s ability. I won’t tell him their secret. He’ll have to figure it out for himself. If he can.

What if each one of us was to focus on an intention for peace and healing in our world? What do you think would happen? Do you want to experiment?

Let me know what you notice.



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