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Can Your Birth Code Be Holding You Back?

Do you struggle with being seen or putting yourself out there? Even though you have good intentions to do something, it just never seems to happen. Can hidden patterns in your Birth Code be holding you back?

I've been struggling with marketing my books. I know what to do; I even have a Facebook and Instagram account, and a mailing list. Even with all the good intentions I still find. myself procrastinating, or simply getting too busy (distracted) to do it. It has been a source of frustration and lots of self-judgment. Recently I listened to an astrology webinar about the house systems used to create natal charts. At one point, the discussion turned to intercepted houses.

What is an intercepted house? If you look at your astrology chart, you will see a series of divisions. These are called houses. There are twelve of them. At the beginning of each house, called the cusp, is a sign, like Aries, Cancer, or Pisces. These are the dominant energetic themes of the house. Generally, each house has one or two signs. But sometimes a sign gets trapped. The house contains three signs. The cusp is one sign, like Cancer. The following house cusp is Virgo. What happened to Leo? The sign trapped between two others in one house is called "intercepted". Usually, when one house is intercepted, its opposite is also intercepted. What does that mean? A sign that is trapped causes you to have a hard time accessing and expressing that energy. It's like being between two people who carry on a conversation, and you go unnoticed and can't get a word in edgewise. The energies of the trapped sign are bottled up and can't be expressed normally. Sometimes it is the shadow side of these energies that are expressed. The speaker in the webinar equated an intercepted sign to having a disability. That seems harsh, but at the very least, the trapped sign and expressing the attendant energies becomes a challenge. Those energies are suppressed. Life seems like a struggle. Now my good intentions, yet lack of follow-through make more sense. Both my Sun — self-expression — and Moon — emotional expression — are intercepted, along with five other planets. It's like operating with a low, glass ceiling. I can see what needs to be done and can be very productive, but can't seem to breach the barrier into the outer world. But I notice that if someone calls me out, then I can shine. Is this the message of intercepted signs in a house? Is the way to master this challenge by working with others, and having friends and associates to pull you out of the shadows? Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? I'd love to hear how this shows up for you and how you have dealt with it. Here's how to see if you have intercepted houses.

  • Take a look at your astrology chart.

  • Notice the cusp sign on each house. They should go in this order: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

  • Is there a sign skipped?

  • Are there planets in that house?

If you want to explore this concept more deeply, feel free to reach out. If you want to see my intercepted chart, feel free to go to

Even if there is not a planet in the intercepted sign, that area of one's life can be influenced.


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