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Do You Have the Courage to Follow Your Heart?

Do you struggle with knowing what you want? You hear something that sounds great, and you tell yourself you will do it.

The excitement wears off once you get out of the person’s energy. Then you look more critically at the proposed activity and decide this is not really what you want to do. But you feel guilty for changing your mind. After all, someone was planning on you going ahead with whatever it was. You worry that you will hurt their feelings.

In every captivating story, there is a time when the heroine has to make hard decisions. She has to determine whether what another person suggests is the best solution for her. Sometimes she has to go against others' wishes and follow her own inner guidance, despite the consequences. It happens to you, and it happens to me. And you must follow your internal guidance or stay stuck in past behaviors.

It takes courage to listen to your heart and even more to follow it.

I knew I had a destiny that was more than shuffling numbers and dealing with the same customers, but it was so much easier to stay where I was. Even though I was utterly bored with my work, dreaded tending to it, and cringed when the phone rang, I sloshed on. My sacrifice kept the peace and took a toll on my health.

My second Saturn return poked and prodded me to get on with fulfilling my destiny, to step into the power of my native talents, but it took a few years before I finally screwed up my courage to take the plunge. Despite objections from my partner and business associates, I quit my work in business management and accounting to elevate writing and my creative pursuits to top priority.

It was the best move I ever made. But it was filled with challenges. New challenges that tested my mettle. And still do.

Like the heroine in my stories, we resist change. We have blocks, limitations, and fears to overcome to engage with our Soul’s purpose. It is a process.

As part of my journey, I am shifting from the safety of hiding who I am and what I am capable of to sharing more of myself through my stories, novels, musical healing activations, and whatever else I’m inspired to do.

You’re invited to come with me on this grand mission of transforming our world and raising the consciousness of humankind and the planet. Together, we can pioneer a future of peace and harmony with all life, accomplishing this shift one person at a time. As each of us awakens and remembers who we are, embraces the power within, and learns to use our given tools, we regain a sense of sovereignty over our lives and the ability to choose.

With this goal in mind, I’ll be sending you articles, insights, stories, and invitations to books and courses as I create them.



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