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Empathic Healing Is Possible

Ever since I wrote about my heroine who is a Healer, the question of how she heals has piqued my curiosity. I wasn’t sure if I had just created a person with this ability out of thin air, or if what she did was possible.

I had written about how she channeled divine energies to heal a person. Now I wanted to know how she did it, and if it could be replicated. Bit by bit, I researched the topic and gathered information. I wanted to see if I could do what she did.

I stumbled across Gregg Braden’s book, Choice Point: The Promise of Our Future in the Cycles of the Past. In this book, he talked about an experiment performed with a Japanese empathic healer. He described how she healed an ovarian tumor in seven minutes. It completely disappeared.

He went into detail about the key component that made it possible. Remarkably, it had to do with completely shutting off the left brain, the one that is linear, logical and factual. Instead, this healer was able to hyper-activate the right hemisphere, the one that is timeless, compassionate and connected to all possibilities.

Now I had the validation that what Ellara, my heroine, did was possible. Next was to figure out how she did it. How did she surrender her sense of self so completely to enter this healing mode?

I’m still working on that. I have a hard time surrendering. It requires trust.

I’ll let you know what I learn through my experimenting.

What are your experiences in surrendering to let the divine forces work through you?



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