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The Paradox of Uniqueness

Have you ever pondered the spiritual paradox in which we live? Spiritual teachings tell us we are all One. We come from the same energy, from the sea of all possibilities, God/ Goddess/Divine Source.

Yet when we look at our world, we see distinct objects. People have different shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, behaviors, and goals. Or at least it appears that way. So how can we be One and separate at the same time? This is one of those existential dilemmas that would perplex even Mr. Spock.

For the time being, I’ve decided that what we perceive as separate, such as humans, plants, animals, mountains, trees, rivers, and oceans, are what we decide as a collective. It’s part of the terms for coming to live on this planet. It is a construct to provide us opportunities to practice, experiment, and learn. Only a tiny bit of ourselves is visible. The rest of us, our souls, which are just an extension of the Divine that live in the non-physical realms, learn from what we experience.

To complicate things even further, we have agreed upon the concept of linear time. However, in other dimensions, time does not exist, and our souls can be living multiple lives simultaneously. Luckily, we remain reasonably separate from these parallel lives, or we would genuinely go mad.

Why bring up this concept?

Individuality, freedom, independence, and sovereignty are very opposite of the concept of Oneness. But since we chose this world to incarnate in, this is one of the avenues offered to explore the theme of Oneness. What better way to understand Oneness than to explore its opposite?

Did you realize that only 1.2% of our DNA separates humans from chimps, and in general, humans share more than 50% of our DNA codes with plants and animals? I was amazed when Gregg Braden said that. Only 0.1% separates humans from one another. It makes you stop and think. Why is there such a big deal about the color of someone’s skin, their gender orientation, or from where they come?

But I digress. I’m talking about being unique, enjoying that you are different. It’s hard to acknowledge your uniqueness when we are so much alike and aware that we are all one energy.

In Astrology, Uranus is the planet of individuality, freedom, and being different.

Uranus is also known as the rebel planet, and it has a strong influence on your sense of freedom and change in your chart.

Where do you rebel against the status quo? What is your vision for the future? How is it different? How are you different? What curious or eccentric behaviors do you have?

Have you spent your life listening to what other people think you should do, trying to live up to their expectations? Or sacrificing your needs to please others in an effort to keep the peace and stay safe?

Not surprisingly, Uranus’s location in your natal chart will influence what pushes your buttons regarding freedom and the right to choose your own life, and make wise choices.

I feel Uranus’s influence keenly. Being conjunct with six planets in Leo, including my Sun, Uranus is strong in my chart. The planets are in the house of secrets, taboo, power, and transformation. I’ve spent my life trying to fit in, please others so they would not abandon me, and to keep my life stable.

I’ve struggled with not feeling worthy or good enough because, inside me, I knew there was something different. Something wrong with me.

Have you ever felt that way? You see the world differently and see new possibilities, but people ridicule or ignore you when you say something. Perhaps your farseeing ideas threaten their sense of stability or forecast unwanted change.

When you try to be 'normal' and like everyone else, you suppress an essential part of yourself, Current events can trigger re about losing freedoms. Until recently, I didn’t know until recently that my progressed moon was activating my natal Uranus. No wonder I’m motivated to champion freedom, independent thinking, and individual autonomy.

No matter where you are in your evolutionary journey, I encourage you not to judge yourself for wanting change or to break free to do something that has significant meaning for you. Embrace your uniqueness and feel good about yourself. Uranus rules the higher functioning mind and critical thinking. See yourself as powerful, free to wisely choose your life trajectory and follow your heart’s desire.

Bring your unique flavor to the Oneness.

If you want to learn more about the Uranian influences in your chart, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.



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