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The Power of Intention

Since I started writing my metaphysical fantasy series about a Healer, I have wanted to learn how she does her healing work. One of the things she does is open her heart to let Divine Love and Light flow through her.

I wanted to see if I could do the same thing, so over the last many months, I started experimenting. On random occasions, it felt like I channeled the divine energies, but it wasn’t consistent and I didn’t see miraculous results, as my Healer did. I figured I must be missing something.

Recently, I've been listening to a book by Lynn McTaggart called The Power of Eight. In it, she talks about the powerful effects of group intention to stop violence and heal people. One part intrigued me. Lynn noticed that those who were doing the healing prayers for others were also healed much more effectively than if they were the recipient of others’ healing intentions. I’ve heard about this concept before from Neal Donald Walsh.

Many years ago when I learned Reiki, I was taught that energy flows through the practitioner to the person receiving it and that the practitioner also benefits from this flow. I have to admit. I had forgotten about this benefit until Lynn discussed it in her book.

After listening to Lynn, I decided to experiment. Was there a difference if I consciously opened my heart and invited divine life force to flow through me to my client?

During my next massage session with a client, I noticed how much easier it was to open my heart to my client compared to when I tried to send energy to my partner, the dog, or myself. Secondly, I noticed how I merged with her energy field. Thirdly, I noticed she relaxed. Now that I know there is a difference, I'll continue to experiment and practice.

Have you explored directing healing and restorative energy toward others? What have you noticed in yourself and in the others, as a result?

I’d love to hear about your experiences.



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