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What Is Calling You Today?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get wrapped up in "life" and forget some spiritual truth that can help you navigate whatever is happening? Then you chance to hear one of your favorite teachers speak, and you say, "I know that. I just forgot." It's OK to forget and then be reminded. It's part of growing and developing oneself. Much as it would be nice to have a straight shot to achieve wisdom and mastery of our talents, the journey is filled with twists and turns and circles. Gentle reminders come from friends, something we read or see. They are an invitation to remember we are powerful, capable, and worthy, and to remember we have the power to make a new choice. What choices will you make today?

Book News:

Progress comes painfully slow to a person with a lot of fire in their birth code. Having patience has got to be one of the hardest challenges for a fiery person to master. I, for one, have a ways to go on that task. I finally finished the first two novels in the Rebel Healer series and uploaded them to Amazon, along with the book of Leonini fables. I've ordered proofs and if all looks well, they will become available soon. The workbook has been retitled Lessons for the Goddess Born. It has been a challenge because I'm bridging two opposites: fantasy and non-fiction personal transformation. I'm still working on how to bridge the gap for the reader. I hope to get that finished and uploaded soon. However, my perception of time and Divine Timing are not always on the same page. More time to practice patience. . .


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