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The Leonini Codes

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The Leonini Codes

The Leonini Codes offer an insight into Ellara’s world. It is a treasure trove of knowledge and practical exercises that form an essential companion to the Fractured Soul series. 


Ellara invites the reader into the Heartland Forest where she shares her own experiences, and along with practices and translated stories by Cleric Paul, encourages the reader to apply these concepts in their everyday lives. 


Enjoy three of Cleric Paul’s teaching stories; one about a wolf pup, another about a squirrel, and finally, the grimalkin cub. Engage in entertaining and enlightening exercises that connect you with the spirit of all things, to others, and with your divine nature. See your empathic abilities as a gift, and tame self-doubt. Explore your definition of wealth and abundance and get some tips on how to discern the truth.


You are invited to take the road less traveled. Examine your life and motivations and perhaps, with one tiny step at a time, reach your true potential. 


Our world leaves little room for compassion. This workbook helps to bring compassion to the forefront. "

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