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Chronicles of A Fractured Soul:
The Rebel Healers

The Rebel Healers

Loyalties collide in this captivating female-driven epic fantasy!

When her mate is killed, and her adult children are shipped away, 42-year-old Ellara is thrust into a high-stakes contest to protect her homeland. As a Gra’Bandia Healer, Ellara’s first inclination is a peaceful resolution, but the corrupted Council of Healers allows the iron-fisted rule of patriarchy to invade and subjugate the citizens of Alba.

Determined to use Ellara's healing powers for his own gain, her adversary steals a bit of her soul. Hunted for powers, she knows little about, Ellara must find a way to take back her homeland before it is lost forever.

Combining page-turning action with metaphysical and visionary wisdom, this genre-bending story unfolds from two perspectives: the Healers and the Hunters. This is the first book in the Chronicles of Fractured Soul series and brings Healers and non-violent solutions front and center.

For fans of Wheel of Time,  Celestine Prophecy, and the Alchemist

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