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Full Moon Eclipse: Surrender

Do you find yourself pondering what is worth fighting after finding that certain chapters in your life, such as losing your job, came to a close in unusual and unexpected ways?

Within the current overarching theme of unexpected endings and new, innovative approaches to your life, is the Full Moon and eclipse on Friday, September 16. This event amplifies the energies of accepting change gracefully and with the attitude of the adventurer. Allow inspiration and ideas to flow to you. The epiphanies you receive will be unusual, out-of-the-box concepts that offer change. Don't expect this to be a 'normal' process. Be open. Surrender to the flow of life. Allow yourself to discover new directions for your life. Write down your inspirations and wait to be guided to the correct choices and actions.

Your intuition is strong now and when you focus your attention on what you wish to accomplish, then you'll achieve your goals. Seek emotional balance and diplomacy in your communications. Allow yourself to see the big picture and have hope for the future.

Trust your intuition when it comes to your relationships. Be in integrity with yourself and your partner and stay focused upon what you want to accomplish in and through your relationship.

When you find yourself struggling with doubt or trying to take action before it's the right time, remind yourself that along with unsettling change comes the chaotic energies of uncertainty, doubt, confusion and suspicion. These energies can be cause you to see events in your life as stressful. Take extra care of your body. Don't over-commit and allow time to rest and get adequate sleep. Sleep will help clear your mind.

Each person is affected by the transits and Full Moon differently and depending on openness in your chart will determine what is magnified or defined. If you want to get answers to the challenges you currently face, and want to prepare for what's in store for you, you're invited to schedule a session.

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