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Are We Designed To Be Heroes?

Sunday, I watched part of an episode about our fascination with heroic stories. The narrator suggested that hidden somewhere deep in our genetic code is a secret power that transforms us from an ordinary person into a person with super powers, like Superman, She-Ra, Wonder Woman and more.

He went on to say that perhaps our attraction to superhero stories helps us remember our ancient, innate abilities. Our heroic talents come from deep within and transform us into a person capable of doing incredible feats, especially for the benefit of others.

What hidden powers do you have that are waiting to transform you into a super person in your life?

You may have inklings of your special talents, and there is a way to determine just what you are designed to do. Contained within your Astrology, Numerology and Human Design Charts are the keys that unlock the secret code of who you are and your heroine abilities.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you know that you are a gifted healer, that this talent is so natural for you that you don't pay any attention to it and even take it for granted. Or maybe you are gifted with an ability for numbers or creating new technologies or new sources of sustainable fuel for our population. The first step is identifying your special talents. The next is to have the courage to peel back the outer layers and reveal the untainted you and live accordingly.

You're invited to become the hero or heroine that you chose to be for this life.

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