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June Forecast: Success By Using Your Intuition

We enter June with the magic we gathered in May. Now we have the opportunity to take that magic and, with the guidance of Spirit, create something truly wondrous.

According to the Ancient Chaldeans, the number 16, of which is June's energetic theme contains an interesting theme and one to be watchful of. In it's highest form, the number 16 represents utilizing a new and innovative approach to service based on love and responsibility. Inherent within this number is the possibility of getting too carried away, to full of one's self and have all your plans and successes come crashing down around you. This is a powerful energy of success and listening to your intuition to avoid pitfalls along your path to success.

The theme of success, expansion, abundance and luck is amplified when Jupiter goes direct June 9th. Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of balancing love with abundance. It's a time to allow those ideas that have been germinating to grow, and to shift your perspective about what love and abundance mean to you.

The Sagittarian Full Moon on June 9, supports illumination of your inner drives and motivations and helps you see the philosophies surrounding your role in the world and the humanitarian service you are best designed to provide. There is a spiritual undertone to this lunation. Listen to your inner guidance.

On June 24th, there will be a Cancer New Moon. This is a highly sensitive time, offering you the opportunity to get in touch with your innermost needs, especially where they pertain to your relationships and family. It's a good time to connect with someone important to you and communicate about what you want to create together.

Saturn and Pluto are still retrograde and Neptune goes retrograde on June 16. These slow moving planets still encourage us to look inward and carefully formulate plans for how you want to use your inner powers to achieve your goals and patiently wait for the right timing to implement your ideas. Neptune can help you connect to the spiritual aspects of your goals and can also enshroud you in confusion. Rely on your intuition and what shows up in your life to help guide you. Above all, be patience.

Over all, June offers the opportunity to move ahead towards your goals. It's important to listen to your inner guidance and pay attention to the experiences that feel good and notice the things that don't feel satisfying. Pay attention to your body. Your body is a great inner guidance tool. Listening to your intuition will help you avoid any pitfalls.

Enjoy yourself,



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