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An Invitation

I'm writing a book spiritual fantasy story about a woman who has to awaken her hidden talents as a Spirit Woman, travel across the country and survive many perils to meet with her soulmate so that, together, they can save the world from the Dark Lords.

As part of Alena's awakening, she discovers her natural talents and learns how to use them as tools to awaken and shift who she was into who she is becoming.

One of of the first lessons she deciphers to ease her trials and tribulations, is noticing the beauty around her and feeling grateful for all the good things, even the not so good things, that happen to her.

It's easy to know that your thoughts create your reality. It's another thing to practice it and it takes time. You have to be gentle with yourself, yet also be persistent. Setting up some sort of a daily routine really helps get you on the right footing.

It can be difficult to to shift from one energy state to another in a quantum leap. More often, the transition goes step by step, over a period of time, before the new behavior gets imprinted into your nervous system and becomes automatic.

I'd like to share with you some of my heroine, Alena's, tools so that you, too, can embrace the hidden parts of yourself and shift into becoming more of a heroine in your own life. Take charge, make guilt-free choices and trust everything will work out.

You're invited to sign up for a series of short videos describing how you can easily make gratitude a part of your daily life and in time, have it become automatic. The videos also describe techniques I learned quite by chance, that amplify and enhance the gratitude exercises. They are very easy and effective tools.

When you sign up for the videos, you will also join a mailing list where you will receive short messages each week to support you in creating a more joyful, loving and abundant life. You're invited to enjoy it's benefits today by signing up at

In the meantime, pay attention to quiet voice of your inner heroine, who resides within you. She is alive. Coax her out and let her give you strength, backbone and the wisdom to accomplish your destiny.


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