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Living Life On Your Own Terms

Do you ever wish you could live life on your own terms? You'd work when you wanted and have the time to do the activities that call to you. You'd have time to actually take care of yourself, such as eating well and exercising, instead of feeling guilty for not doing so. You could study about something that piques your interest, pursue hobbies that bring meaning to your life, all the while acting as a role model, showing others that they can live according to their own terms, too.

But what if you have a lot of energy in your design that causes you to feel like living outside the box is threatening, even terrifying? The fear of not fitting in keeps you paralyzed and your dreams and alignment with your purpose seem out of arms reach. You tell yourself that fitting in is more important than living your brilliance.

How many times have you said no to yourself and yes to doing something you didn't want to do? How did that make you feel?

How do you bridge that chasm between following all of the rules, putting other's needs before yours, stake out your own piece of the universe and live there in the way that strikes your fancy and meets your needs?

The answer is simple and takes courage and persistence to implement.

Radically accept and embrace who you are designed to be.

Of course, it helps to know and understand yourself. Luckily, you were born with a personal guide book containing the secrets to your soul's desire. With this information, you know your strengths and special talents and how to apply them to your life. You also uncover the build in limitations that temper your self-expression.

If you are a person who struggles with health, weight, depression and wonder why life seems so hard, then perhaps there is an inner part of you calling out for your attention. It's a message from your inner being that's letting you know it's time to break free, think outside the box, claim your freedom and independence. It's scary, especially if you are designed to want to fit it with society, feel responsible for other's needs or are highly sensitive and empathetic and don't want to rock any boats because of the emotional backlash. It becomes important to reconcile these two opposing needs and find a place of balance where you can be non-conforming and also feel like you belong. Your health depends upon your accomplishing this task.

If you are curious and what to learn more about yourself and your special gifts and role in our world, you're invited to schedule a session with me. Each person has a unique path to fulfilling the essence of who you are. In our sessions, we plumb the depths of your native characteristics and guide you in bridging your special built in conundrums, so that you can start living life on your own terms.



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