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December Forecast: An Invitation From Spirit.

Welcome to December and the energies of sudden events and insights that lead to transformation and ultimately a new sort of stability and definition of your life. The Gemini Full Moon on Sunday, December 3 opens a doorway and offers us an opportunity to peer into 2018. Five celestial bodies activate the Number 11 portal energy on December 3, 2017. The Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius, the Moon in Gemini, Neptune activating all of them and Mercury, which turns around and starts to go retrograde all activate the Number 11. With the Number 11 activated in a month that invites a shifting of life patterns, this activation creates a powerful urge to connect with the spiritual aspects of life and your own connection with the Divine. It’s like Spirit is on the other side of the portal, beckoning you to take a leap of faith and embrace a different perspective on yourself, your life and your world. You are being given an opportunity to transform the way you look at your life, the way you do things, and the way you respond to people by bringing in a perspective from another realm. The Sagittarius New Moon on December 18 invites you to take an adventure inward and explore your philosophies and perhaps even learn some new ones that shift you from where you currently are to a situation that is more in alignment with your Divine nature. On the December 21 Solstice, Saturn enters it’s native sign of Capricorn. Saturn, as the great teacher and taskmaster, will cause you to start looking at your work ethics and prod you to see if you have learned what you set out to learn. Saturn will be in Capricorn until 2020, which will give you a lot of opportunities to explore all aspects of your career, the strategy you use to implement your plans, and your focus and determination to accomplish your goals. Mercury goes direct on December 23, just before Christmas. Overall, this month has a strong spiritual theme and contains an invitation to trust that all is well as you step into new ways of thinking and acting and a new way of seeing yourself in your world. How exciting!

Enjoy the journey,


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