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Communication Elemental Style

Do your words fall upon deaf ears or they are summarily rejected?

Are you often misunderstood?

What if it is not your or your partner’s fault? What if it is simply the way each of you are designed? If you struggle in your relationships and want to deepen your connection, then read on.

Imagine what your relationships could be like if you understood the right timing and way to say things so that your partner actually listens.

You’re invited to see your work or personal relationships in a new light. Discover the secrets of how to communicate with your partner, get your point across and use your different strengths to work together.

Communication is a key element in relationships. What if you think in grand concepts and your partner is a practical, down to earth type that has to have everything proven before he or she even will entertain a new idea?

What if you instinctively see a problem to fix and want to initiate a change and your partner doesn’t ‘do’ change? It can become frustrating and arguments can follow with one or both of you saying something you later regret. Then your partner retreats into his or her cave and gives you the cold shoulder for the next week.

How would you like to understand your communication style and the particular way that you engage with the world, based upon your elemental nature?

From ancient times, philosophers and healers made sense of the world through the characteristics of the four primary elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. If you think about your experience of these elements in your life, you notice that earth feels solid. You breath air, the sun brings light and warmth and water nourishes life. These elemental characteristics can be used to identify personality traits and influence how you engage with life.

Do you have a fiery nature, or a quick mind? Are you highly sensitive and emotional or are you a practical and grounded person? Do you hold back for fear of the emotional backlash?

When you understand yourself and your partner, you become aware of the places where you get along and the places of friction and challenge. Then you can figure out how to bring peace and harmony into your relationship and work together to achieve your goals. You begin to love and enjoy each other’s company and the blessings and opportunities you offer each other.

Using the elements as simple tools can help you identify when you are sabotaging yourself. For example, if you have a lot of fire and are afraid to speak out, it could be the fear of rejection holding you back. When you know this and know what to watch for, you can acknowledge it, laugh at yourself and do it anyway.

You’re invited to deepen your connection with your self and your partner through a Communication Elemental Style reading.

In this reading, we will discuss your natural communication style based upon the elemental nature in your birth chart. We will also review your partner’s elemental communication style.

· Discover the source of frustration in your conversations.

· Understand your disharmonies.

· Learn how to know the right time to bring up important topics.

I will need your and your partner’s birth information so I can prepare your charts. The 60-75 minute session will be over Zoom or phone and the session will be recorded. You will be emailed the recording. Your partner is welcome to join in the discussion.

February is the month of relationships and cooperative collaboration. To honor this theme, during February, this reading, which would normally be $397, is discounted to $267.

Relationships are important. We have co-workers and bosses, parents and children that we work with besides our life partner. Whether we want to admit it or not, we desire to connect to someone, to belong, even if it is only a part time relationship.

Act now to find your strengths and leverage your elements to create the environment you want and deepen your connection with the people in your life.

For a limited time, claim your session for $267. That’s $130 off the regular price!

You can schedule your session

I learned through the reading, that areas of my life where I judged myself, are really how I’m designed to be. The reading brought me a great sense of peace and eliminated the guilt I felt about my role in relationships.

~Sara C, Toledo, OR~

“Elaine gave me a session, don’t miss the opportunity. It was very enlightening and loving!”

~Dorothy, Sedona, AZ~


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