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Light Weaving

My books had become an invitation to explore my life and what I am capable of more completely.

Curious about what Ellara was singing to calm or heal someone, I was guided to Light Language. At first, all I could find about it was a Youtube video that said it was speaking from your heart.

So I started doing that and found out how natural it was for me. Then it graduated to singing. But my voice – it wasn't quite up to the task yet.

I serendipitously came across a training that expanded my understanding of Light Language as a transmission of high-frequency energy from other realms. It works on the quantum level, and like Reiki, the receiver's Higher Self accepts and directs the energy to where it will do the most good.

After months of practicing, which served to open my energetically constricted throat, I experimented with making Light Language recordings.

This is my latest experiment.

Sit back and close your eyes, or watch the video.

Let me know what you notice and how this makes you feel.

If you want to experience a private session to explore your purpose, you can learn more here.


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