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Does your heart urge you to follow your dreams, but your mind veto's it? The little voice in your head says you are not good enough, don't know enough, won't be successful, and don't have the resources to fulfill that dream. 

What if your mind is only trying to protect you from doing the most important thing you can do while you are alive: Be yourself? 

Change is inevitable and perpetual. The attending challenges offer us a way to move forward. Allow me to be your guide through the doubts, the fears and the naysayers.

  • Change jobs and careers.

  • Reclaim your health and vitality by aligning your heart and mind. 

  • Rekindle meaning and purpose in your life. 

  • Embrace your Child Spark- that innocent part of you that sees the world with awe and wonder.

  • Have the courage to live your destiny.

When you align your heart, mind, and your soul's energies, you improve your attitudes, health, prosperity, happiness and gain a deep, inner satisfaction with your life. 

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Light Language


Receiving healing support from the Galactic Realms.

  • Get on track with your Soul's purpose.

  • Step away from the old, and into the new. 

  • Release blocks that hold you back.


Soul Purpose Activation Session

Access your Soul's design for this lifetime. Using your Astro-numerology, Human Design and your Soul Profile, 

  • Discover your purpose,

  • What supports you,

  • The challenges you face, and

  • How to overcome them.

When I first heard Elaine channel Light Language I was captivated. It felt mystical, magical, and yet, strangely familiar. Experiencing it gave me a feeling of ‘home’ - perhaps because the tone and resonance is much like the languages spoken by Indigenous healers from my birthplace, or perhaps for more otherworldly reasons. Elaine’s gift of Light Language resonates for me at a soul level. 

                                                     Brenda M. British Columbia, Canada


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Chronicles of a Fractured Soul:

The Rebel Healers

Metaphysical and Visionary Fantasy of a Healer faced with the destruction of ancient traditions and the world by dark forces.

Available on Amazon

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Coming Soon

The Leonini Codes

Companion book to The Rebel Healers. Ellara shares the wisdom she has learned as a Gra'Bandia Healer, including short stories and spiritual practices.

Numerology, Your Monthly Oracle

Activate the energy of your personal numerology. Introduction to Numerology through monthly messages.

Available on Amazon

I was drawn to Elaine by her down to earth, genuine caring and knowledge of Human Design, expanded knowledge of astrology and numerology. I did a Basic Reading first and then the Soul Purpose reading a week later. Much to my surprise, I feel like a different person! I know myself better.  I am feeling empowered to move forward in a new career and bring forth my life purpose.  Lots of empowering information that I can use right away. I highly recommend Elaine. 

~Janet O.