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November Forecast: Uniting What's Divided

November promises to be an interesting month. Not only is it the 11th month, it is also an 11 universal month. In Numerology, the master number 11 carries a lot of energies, from double new beginnings, to standing on your own two feet in relationships, to having the courage to pass through the gates to the great Unknown. The number is a very psychic number, representing the nervous system and rites of passage that only we can do for ourselves.

It's easy to feel left out with this number energy. Two 1's form this number and together they form a unit, a bond and a relationship. Without this feeling of bonding, one can feel split apart, not included or indecisive.

Full Moon

November 14, 2016 is a Taurus Full Moon. Interestingly, it is at another master number, 22, which is about building solid foundations between people. The Sun, in Scorpio, brings an emotional component to it, as well as the tendency to exert control, if the emotions that surface are not what's expected. Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto add tension and expand the unpredictable nature of their interaction.

New Moon

November 29, 2016 is a Sagittarius New Moon. Sagittarius is an upbeat and optimist sign and this New Moon brings a spiritual component of sudden insights. Saturn and Mercury are also in Sagittarius, offering the opportunity to explore and communicate about bringing our dreams into physical reality.

November Human Design Themes

From the Human Design perspective, November carries on the overall theme of understanding the cycles of life and the timing that results, so that one can gain a deeper understanding about themselves and their role in life. As a result of this deep exploration, certain aspects of one's life can draw to a close, opening the door for seeing the bigger picture and welcoming inner peace and harmony.

November 21 Jupiter shifts into the gate of Intuition. Shortly after, on November 25, Saturn shifts into the gate of Integrity. We have the opportunity to observe our level of honesty and where we consciously or unconsciously manipulate other's perceptions of ourselves. Our intuition is blocked when we are not being honest with ourselves and when we recognize and understand the roots of these behaviors, then our awareness expands into a bigger perspective and greater intuitive access and awareness.

Sun Themes

In our quest for inner peace and harmony, each week we will get some life areas to practice and hone our discernment skills. We start November out with the Sun highlighting the patterns of the past and the fear of repeating the past.

On November 5, the Sun moves into the most yang gate of the chart, the gate of Creativity. This is balanced by the most yin gate in the chart, the gate of Receptivity. Perhaps it takes surrendering and becoming receptive to be able to do something creative?

The Sun moves through the month, carrying with it the themes of breakthrough insights along with the ability to explain them, having all the resources necessary for making a creative contribution, and having the life force energy and focus to enthusiastically put your creative contribution into play.

We're Talking About

We may find ourselves talking about new ideas and innovative ways to achieve your goals or ways of being We may be talking about how to have the resources and focus our attention and life force energy upon our awesome ideas, and questioning when is the right timing.


In our relationships, honesty and integrity surface. How honest are we with our partner about our ideas, our wishes, dreams and goals? Does our partner share his or her feelings about his or her desires for the future? How well do we care for ourselves? Do we empower and uplift others with our words or cut them down?

Ultimately, the goal is to achieve peaceful harmony in our relationships by honest communication, forgiveness and inspiration.

Energy Flow Activations

During all of November the Solar Plexus and Will centers are defined. For those who normally have these centers open, we may notice that we seem to have more drive to get things done, even when we are tired. We will not be quite so buffeted by other's emotions, but we will have cycles where we feel really upbeat and energetic and other times when we are tired and uninterested. The Will center also works in cycles and needs time to rest. Part of the channel that defines these two centers is one of the gates that shows up a lot this month: the gate of Inner Peace and Harmony. It connects to the Will center through the gate of Aloneness. Here again, we are offered the opportunity to find that place within where we can peacefully be with others and then retreat to be contentedly alone to touch the higher forces and Divine Will. Its about balancing the needs of togetherness with the need to recharge alone.

Around the middle of the month, at the Full Moon, the Ajna, Throat, G-Center and Sacral are also defined. If these centers are open in the natal charts, then we may notice more 'doing' energy, a more defined sense of direction, the ability to be noticed more easily and more certainty in decisions. However, these energies are temporary and last only a few days. Then those with open sacral centers would be wise to take a rest break.

Each one of us is designed with a certain set of energies that flow through our 'energetic grid' or blueprint. The transits may activate more themes for you than I've described. If you find yourself continually coming up against a challenging situation in your life, or you feel an inner pressure to do something, but you are not sure what it is, then you're invited to explore your charts and the influences the planets are exerting upon you at this life stage.

In Summary

The overarching theme for November has to do with stepping through the portal, which could mean forgiving the yourself and others in your past, understanding the reasons for your behaviors, taking new actions that support where you want to be, and so forth. There is a dominant spiritual, visionary energy encouraging our breakthrough to find inner peace.

Life is a series of cycles, a spiral leading to greater awareness. If you find yourself out of sorts, remember, you are being offered an opportunity to gain new awareness and get to know yourself more intimately. The pressure will pass as the celestial influences more on. As with all cycles, they will return again to give you another chance to remember who you really are.

Ask Yourself

What needs to be healed or released for me to boldly and confidently step through the portal into the unknown and trust I will have all that I need so that I can feel inner peace and be in harmony with everyone?

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Enjoy your life,

Elaine Correia

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