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5 Tips For Managing Your Emotional Waves

In the post about November's emotional wave, I talked about the planetary movements being responsible a wider range of emotional swings for those of us who are typically emotionally stable.

So what can you do if you normally have a healthy outlook on life and now you are caught up in a downward spiral?

1. Notice it. Acknowledge it. Don't worry about trying to fix it. Know that it will pass.

2. Do something different to get your mind off of what's making you grumpy. If it's another person, take a break from them, get out of their energy field. If it's a person or a situation, distract yourself by taking the dog for a walk, getting some exercise, dancing or doing some yoga. This releases the chemicals that build up in the body and gets you breathing again.

Watch an uplifting movie, listen to music or take a nap. Sleeping is like pushing the restart button in you brain and body.

3. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat good quality food and drink your water. When you are tired, then you are not as resilient to people and things in your life.

4. Emotional slumps offer a great opportunity to look at what is going on around you. The rose colored glasses are off and you can see your life in stark clarity. It's a time to take a look at what's working for you and what actions you may need to shift some parts of your life.

5. Don't take it personally. When you feel less than, it's easy to think you are unworthy, unlikable, unnoticed and so forth. When those thoughts come into your head, ask yourself if they are really true. Explore why you might have come to that conclusion and then ask yourself what else could be true. Jot it down, if that helps. If you find yourself trapped in the hamster wheel, then try some EFT tapping to release and shift the thoughts and emotions.

The emotional slump may not go away immediately, but at least you understand it and can take some action to mitigate negative effects. When the transits pass and you are back on your natural, even keel, you will know that you have learned a powerful tool and taken away the power of emotions to wreak havoc in your life.

Make the most of the opportunities that the movement of the planets offer. Look at the transits as a gift, an opportunity and a chance to practice becoming master or mistress of your life.

Elaine Correia

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