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December Forecast: Learn Something That Brings You Joy

December offers a time when you can indulge your inner student and satisfy your curiosity about something you've been wondering about. December's theme in Numerology is that of being of the perpetual student and the scholar.

The number 12 is a blending of the numbers 1, representing initiation and innovation and 2, working together in community and surrender, creating their child, the number 3. Three represents optimism, entertainment, upbeat, playfulness and a blending of the masculine and feminine. It can be represented by a happy, playful child.

On December 14, there is a Full Moon in Gemini at 22 degrees. This is a time for building solid relationships through diplomatic communication and surrendering to the right timing. You may have many ideas. Listen to the quiet inner voice, the voice from super- consciousness to guide you in how you communicate and with whom to engage.

December 29 brings a Capricorn New Moon supported by Mercury, which is retrograde at this time. This is a time to go within, take a look at and talk about the traditions you have in your life and allow new, spiritual insights to come to the forefront. Seek love and joy from in and around you. Look at your world from the perspective of love and joy.

On December 19, Mercury goes retrograde. Rethink your work life and traditions, finding new and enlightened ways to see your life.

Uranus goes direct on December 28. Uranus is the rebellious planet and offers you a time of introspection upon the new world you want to create. Old ways come to a close and now it is time to take action with unusual new beginnings, especially in relationships. This is an arousing and awakening energy.

In Human Design, the Lunar Nodes shift December 24, just in time for the holiday season. They have spent most of the month activating the channel of community, friendship and independence. They suggest creating an impact by breaking through old ideas about abundance, and understand that abundance actually comes from trusting Spirit.

The Human Design Sun themes for December are:

  • 12/1: Focusing your enthusiasm,

  • 12/3: The right timing to utilize talents and abilities

  • 12/9: Integrating honesty and integrity into leadership and

financial responsibility,

  • 12/14: Sifting through many ideas to find new insights,

  • 12/20: Balancing self love and empowerment with love and

empowerment of others,

  • 12/25: Having the perspective of love and joy,

  • 12/31: And at the end of the month, a period of struggle, fighting for what’s right and honorable. This is a provocative energy.

You may find yourself talking about your many ideas, trying to figure out which are ones to act upon, talking about how to love yourself and find joy in life, finding joy and love through your challenges, seeing the bigger picture of joy.

In your relationships, listening attentively and forgiving others will bring a new level of resourcefulness and wisdom. Hold onto the big vision of what you want, but watch that you don’t let it overtake you. Be sensitive to your needs and the needs of others, forgive and seek harmony. This will help you avoid the more tempestuous energies at the end of the month.

In the outer planets, Neptune rests in the gate of inner peace and harmony within the context of friendships. Saturn encourages living and speaking with integrity and honesty, which will yield a keen understanding and intuitive prowess.

Each of us has a special way we relate to the planetary influences. If you find a theme recurring and would like to get to the bottom of it, you're invited to schedule a session where you can explore the root causes and gain understanding.

In the meantime, enjoy December. Stay away from blaming and victimhood. Instead, find something new to learn that brings you joy.

Elaine Correia

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