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Discover Your Inner Power

We live in exciting times!

It may not seem so to those who wonder what our new leadership will yield. It may seem like we are losing all we've struggled for, especially for women's rights and racial discrimination, the environment and regulations that help the populace.

But what if there is another way to look at these times?

What if, instead of feeling powerless about what our government is doing, we reclaim our power?

I'm talking about our personal power, our inner authority, our right to say yes or no as we see fit. It's our ability to speak what's in our hearts without fear.

For centuries we have given others the right to tell us what to do, from feudal lords and kings, to our spouses, bosses and so forth. It served a purpose. It was a way to survive. But we are ushering in a new era, where personal power is not from the top- down, but all-inclusive and associated with the heart.

We all have a kernel of inner, personal authority and power, but many of us are afraid of it and don't feel like it's safe to be visible or assertive and speak our truth.

It's time we reclaimed the essence of who we are and stood in our authenticity with peace, love and certainty in our hearts.

We live in an energetic world and each of us is the center of our own universe. How we think, what we say and do, how we feel is broadcast to all the other people in their universal bubbles all around the world. If we want to continue with a positive evolution, care for planet and the people on it, then each one of us can get started today, right now! Here's how:

  • Think about what you want. Watch your thoughts. The celestial energies this year are all about instant manifestation. So what you think about a lot, or worry and gnash your teeth on, your world will give it back to you, amplified.

  • When you find ourself judging yourself, others or our leadership, stop and ask yourself what is really true. What part of you is being triggered and how can you heal that. The outer world is just a reflection of what is going on inside you that you can't see.

  • Take actions guided by your heart. See this time as an opportunity for personal growth and a part of your destiny to make a difference in the world, for the betterment of our world.

  • Do acts of kindness and have compassion in your heart. See the beauty all around you and be grateful for all you have.

  • Hold onto your dreams and keep a positive outlook. Don't let yourself get caught up in the drama the media portrays. The only way you can change the world is by holding on to your vision of peace and harmony. You can understand that vision by living and modeling it from within yourself.

  • Learn about yourself, your gifts and strengths and what causes you to worry or feel unsafe by discovering what is in your birth code. Then you can recognize when you are getting off track and course correct.

Let's bring light, peace and love to our world. Each one of us has the power and when more and more of us start thinking about what our heart's want and living accordingly, then this energy that is broadcast throughout the world will quietly shift others. This is where our true power lies.


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