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February 2017: A Month For Building Lasting Relationships

February promises to be a fantastic month for building relationships, not only with others, but with yourself.

In Numerology, February, 2017 is the partnership of the numbers 1 and 2. The number 12 energy is highly creative, social and fun-loving. It is the number of the perpetual student who thrives upon learning new and exciting things. Last December had the same numerology, but with a different focus. December's theme was about studying to learn what to release and complete. February's Numerological theme is about learning what you want to manifest by researching, taking classes and so forth, to form and plant the seeds of what you dearly want to manifest.

There is a quality about the Number 12 archetype, where one can sacrifice themselves for another. Watch that you don't get caught up in surrendering your dreams and desires to satisfy someone else's and end up feeling powerless or mis-used.

Full Moon and Eclipse:

On February 11, 2017, (February 10 PST), we enjoy a Leo Full Moon. Not only is it in a passionate fire sign, but it's at 22 degrees, representing building durable, long-lasting, cooperative relationships. The Sun is in Aquarius, suggesting balancing the passionate, self-centered expression of inner drives with companionship, seeing the best in those around you and sharing yourself for the benefit of others. Saturn supports the Leo Moon by adding an element of grounded optimism based upon adding a spiritual element to the structure of our lives.

Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn create tension around accessing and using our inner strengths and power for creating a new future. Jupiter asks that this new future be beautiful, balanced and harmonious.

The eclipse starts about 2:30pm on February 10th, for those on the Pacific Coast and lasts over 4 hours until almost 7 pm. Best viewing is supposed to be just before 6pm. Eclipses amplify the themes playing out during them and can impact us for up to a year or more, especially if any of your natal planets are affected. February 10th is a 22 Universal day, reinforcing the theme of building relationships. February 11th is a 23 Universal day of unstoppable zest for life and living.

In Human Design, the Moon is in the Gate 4, the gate of pressure to find the answers, even if they are not the right ones. However, the answers don't come from our heads, but from what feels right. The Sun in the Gate 49 suggests that relationships can be strong, connected and intimate as long as an unspoken code of honor is respected. When agreements are broken, this can be a revolutionary energy. This Full Moon and eclipse are a time to openly talk about your dreams and fantasies. Sift through them to find the ones that make sense, that bring inner peace and enlightenment. Wait for the right timing before acting upon them.

New Moon and Eclipse:

On February 26, 2017 we have a Pisces New Moon. Pisces represents Christ Consciousness and Divine energy, spirituality, intuition and illusions. At 8 degrees, we are encouraged to bridge Heaven and Earth and bring the Divine into our physical lives. See the infinite nature in the material things around us. Notice that what we manifest into physical reality comes from beyond the physical. Neptune is conjunct the Sun and Moon, adding emphasis upon this ethereal form of manifestation. Neptune also encourages us to use our intuition to see through the illusions we allow to stop us from being our true selves.

We still have the Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter square, urging us to find a peaceful way to use our inner power and strengths. Saturn lends his support to Uranus in grounding futuristic, egalitarian ideas into physical form.

The eclipse will only be visible in Southern Africa and South America and is in the morning on the Pacific Coast.

In Human Design, the Sun and Moon are in the Gate 37, the gate of community, inner peace and harmony. This energy is expressed through the Gate 40, the gate of enjoying aloneness and yielding to oneness. These two gates activate the Will and Solar Plexus centers. Some of us will have will power that we usually don't have, but be careful of pushing past your natural endurance. Those with open emotional centers will find themselves moodier than usual. This is a time to look at our past, sifting through the many versions of our past to the one that best supports our sense of abundance and an inner sense of well-being.


In summary, the celestial movements of February invite you to become the student, the perpetual explorer of life. Explore different concepts about how to create long lasting, meaningful relationships, not only with yourself, your closest friends, family and partner, but with the world as a whole.

If you are inspired to do so, you can perform a Moon ceremony for the Full Moon and eclipse and/or the New Moon and eclipse.

For the Full Moon, search your inner self for whatever it is that is stopping you from feeling really connected in your relationships. Write it down. On the night of the Full Moon, go out and stand in the light of the Moon, even if it's cloudy and you can't see her. Read your petition to Moon Mother, from your heart. Then burn the paper.

For the New Moon, create from your heart what you would really like to have become manifest, again in your relationships, especially the one with yourself. Write it on a piece of paper. On the day or night of the New Moon, go outside and face East, speaking your heart felt petition to the Moon Mother. Then plant your request in the earth.

Are you curious to know how the planetary movements affect and activate your natal planets? Would you like to know what important celestial themes are playing out this year?

Each of us is designed differently and the movement of the planets can create new energies in our lives and stir up old ones. You can more easily adapt to the unknowns in your future when you have some tools in your toolbox. I've created an online video series that you can watch at your leisure about the major themes of 2017.

You're invited to not only receive a commentary on the celestial events, but learn how to look in your charts for what is affecting you and when. You'll also hear what the angels say and learn some tools that will help you sail through the year. You're invited to learn more about this course by going to 2017 Celestial Preview.

In the meantime, enjoy your life.

Elaine Correia


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