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Relationships: Theme For Full Moon Eclipsee

February 10th in the US and 11th, 2017 in Europe, heralds a Full Moon at 22 degrees in Leo opposite an Aquarian Sun. In Numerology, the number 22 is about long lasting relationships built upon a solid foundation, of honest expression, loyalty and futuristic idealism.

The theme in the Human Design transit echoes the relationship theme. The motivating drives of the Moon are in the Gate 49, which suggest a dualistic energy about honoring the unspoken principles of relationships and instigating change in those principles are disrespected.

Everything happens for a reason, at the right time and is part of a Divine Order of which we, as agents of the Divine have the opportunity to choose to participate in or not.You can thank my Mom who crossed through the veil to the next world a couple of days before this celestial event for the following commentary:

What do you automatically think when you hear the word 'relationship'?

Usually we think of relationships as something we have with someone else, such as spouse, life partner, boss, co-workers or family. It brings with it an sense of connection and belonging. But mostly, we think of relationships as being with us and someone outside ourselves. Depending upon our birth codes and what we learned growing up, we may believe that we need to put other people and their needs first. Our first thoughts go to the well-being of those around us. We sacrifice what we want or what brings meaning to our lives for the perceived rewards that we receive from serving others. This serves a purpose - namely survival and belonging.

Thankfully, people are starting to see that this pattern of thought and behavior doesn't always provide the rewards we hope for and that denying our true desires and what we want to do is actually a disservice not only to us, but to the the world as a whole. The energy of sacrifice is generally not a positive, happy energy.

This Full Moon eclipse supercharges the theme of durable relationships and we will feel the effects for months. It asks us to see beyond the old traditions of relationships built on service for material gain and build a different kind of relationship, making new rules that support and sustain us with vitality and joy. Build lasting relationships, not only with those around you, but, more importantly, build a solid, grounded, honest and loyal relationship with yourself and the Divine part of your self. The people in your life reflect your your relationship with yourself by how they treat you, talk to you and respect you.

The Divine brings to us life force and vitality and a bigger perspective so that we can step back and see the beauty and magic all around us and in our lives. With a strong connection to the essence of who we are, our Divine Self, we can become the person we've dreamed of and understand the role people play for us in our outer world.

Relationships need a solid foundation to exist. This foundation needs to be multi-dimensional. Our physical reality is only the tip of the iceberg of the deeper, unseen matrix of your relationship with yourself and Higher Self. Think about the times you've met someone, thought everything was peachy between you, only to find that the person didn't honor his or her promises.

The true test of durable friendships are those we have with loved ones who have left this physical life. Through understanding of the interconnectedness and Oneness of all, we recognize our loved ones are still here, only in a different form. Through our connection with our Divine Self, we can still feel their presence in our lives.

You're invited to have the courage to find and live your true essence and life purpose. When you do, you show others the way and this is the path to building authentic relationships. If you are curious to know more about the fabric of your being and what is your natural, authentic self expression, I'd love to work with you. You're invited to schedule a session with me.

In the meantime, take a look at your relationships. Ask yourself what needs to be released and healed so that you can enjoy more depth and connection with your inner being and those special to you.


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