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Shining A Light On Self-Expression

Do you wonder if you are expressing yourself authentically?

Good question. There is a lot of talk about authentic self expression. Do you know what it means to express yourself authentically? How does one go about doing it?

Allow me to shed some light on the topic.

First of all, we are always expressing. Being alive guarantees that we are always expressing! The tone and inflections in the way we talk, the words we choose and idioms we use, the style with which we dress and the way we walk and move our bodies, the food we eat, the people we spend time with and our jobs and careers, are all forms of expressing who we are.

But we don't realize this and seek outside ourself for the answers of what it means to be authentic. We think it is supposed to look a certain way. When we can't find it, we doubt ourselves and seek self expression even more passionately, only to have it slip away like an elusive wraith.

The truth is, we are expressing ourselves all of the time. The question becomes, does our self expression align with our true nature, our Divine Self?

That is a harder question to answer, since each of us is different and is designed to express ourselves differently. To complicate matters, some of our uniqueness is suppressed and modified in our desire to fit into the rules of our culture. The survival drive to be accepted and part of the group, to avoid being shamed and shunned, is deeply wired into our subconscious and tempers our authentic self- expression.

Here's an example. Imagine you were born with a natural ability to modify the technology that has become the status quo, into something totally new, innovative with far reaching effects. Yet as a child, when you exhibited these talents, sometimes you were praised because you won the 5th grade science fair, and ridiculed because you saw a more efficient way to do the dishes. Each time you were made fun of, or told your ideas are crazy, you knew that wasn't true, but to avoid being sent to your room or having the kids as school taunt you for being the class geek, you covered up your talents. The went underground. You put a very tight lid on this part of yourself so you could fit in. This stifled your ability to express yourself fully. You started to think you were someone else, in fact, you copied other people. You knew you couldn't express your true self because of unwanted responses from others.

As you grew older, the suppressed part of you tries to escape and sometimes is successful. If it can't assert itself, then you become sickly, developing chronic health problems. Our society separates heart, Soul and mind from the body, so the illness is treated without any consideration to what may be the underlying reasons. When there is little success with conventional medical treatment, you feel depressed and struggle with the meaning of life and your role in it. If only someone would tell you that the solution is to get into alignment with your Divine Self, your true nature......

So what is authentic to you?

Do you know what your Soul wants to experience and express for the betterment of your life and our world?

Do you wish you knew?

Here's some clues on how to tell if who you are being, is actually the 'real' you.

1. Disharmony and misalignment between heart, mind and Soul show up in your body. Ask yourself how you feel. Do you have chronic health problems, are overweight or in pain?

If so, your body is talking to you and letting you know something isn't right. The nature of the illness and the location gives you clues to the energetic thoughts and emotional disharmonies. Books like Louise Hay's Heal Your Body or Christiane Northrup and Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz's collaboration on the intuitive messages from your body, will help make you aware of the source of the misalignment and point you in the direction that best supports you.

2. Even when you understand the underlying disharmony in your body, it can be confusing about what to do, much less shift it. There are techniques such as EFT, mindfulness, energy healing and massage that can help to release dysfunctional patterns stored in the body tissues.

3. Learn about your authentic purpose from your Soul's perspective. Divination tools like Astro-numerology, Human Design and Soul Realignment shed a lot of light on your natural abilities, your talents, strengths, where you are vulnerable and what challenges you. The are like your energetic blueprint, the plan that you initiated at your birth that can remind you of why you are here. When you know what causes disharmony, such as the genius inventor above, then you accept and love yourself and have the courage to be YOU, because it's the only way you can be.

We are always expressing ourselves. Even the parts we hide away find a way to slip out. Notice the things that fill your heart with joy and fire you up with energy. Listen to your body. It is the best, quickest feedback for when you are being true to yourself.

If you are ready to gain more understanding about who you are and what you are designed to be, then you're invited to get your FREE charts. Then, if you want to pursue awakening and releasing your Divine nature and feel the satisfaction that comes from no longer hiding your light, then you are invited to schedule a session with me.

In the meantime, know that everything you do, say and think are an expression of you. Notice how it feels.


Spiritual Teacher and Healer

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