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March 2017: Inner Transformations

When you step back and watch the progression of cosmic energies, it becomes very apparent that there is a divine order or purpose. Remember, the theme of this year is about creating something new, innovative and long-lasting. January's theme was about having the courage to break through old beliefs and traditions, to see both sides and stand on your own two feet. February's theme was about building durable, honest and loyal relationships without falling into the role of victim or powerlessness and become a student of life.

March's theme takes this one step further: that the relationships with yourself and others create inner transformation. March is a Number 13 month.

The number 13 relates to the Divine Feminine and sudden, unexpected changes that are powerful enough to bring about long-lasting transformation. The ancient Chaldeans associated this number with death and regeneration. The power of this number lies in understanding that the weeds must be pulled and the soil tilled before planting new crops. It is part of the natural cycle of life. The energy of this number can be unpredictable and forceful. So if we can embrace the essence of the change, we can harness the power of transformation to create a lasting legacy. The number 13 is a mystical number.

Full Moon

The March 12th Virgo Full Moon shines a light, again, on building strong, long-lasting relationships by paying attention to the details and seeing your partner, and those you relate with, as bright sparks of the Divine. Communicate with compassion and sensitivity. Shift your thoughts when you begin to feel powerless in your relationships. Use that feeling as a wake-up call for you to observe how you are giving away your power.

In Human Design, the Moon is in the Gate 47, the gate of great realizations and epiphanies. The energy of this gate can cause a person to struggle with how to do the great ideas that are downloaded, so watch that you don't get trapped in the 'how'. Know that contained within every great insight is the plan for how to implement it. The guidance for the 'how' is part of the magic of manifestation. Understanding this distinction between wonderful ideas and implementing the 'how' can make your life exciting and like a huge game of hide and seek.

The Sun is in the Gate 22, which urges you to approach and ground your inspirations with openness and graceful passion. It is a feeling energy, not action.

New Moon

The March 28th Aries New Moon amplifies the theme for 2017. 28 reduces to the number 10 and 1. The Chaldeans call this the number of the Trusting Lamb. It contains a great potential for success with the ability to manifest what is desired. However, a caveat comes with this energetic theme: watch your back and take measures to be prudent, cautions and make well-laid plans. That being said, this New Moon offers a powerful opportunity to initiate a friendship with the Divine and your Divine Self, who ultimately will keep you safe.

In Human Design, the Sun and Moon are in the Gate 17, the gate of opinions.This theme is manifested by finding the perfection inherent within the topic from which opinions are expressed. This combination has the potential to be highly volatile if communication is judgmental and nit-picky or riddled with the fear that your creation is not good enough. However the blessing of this energy is the opportunity to feel strongly about something, speak up about it with others and find a way to make it better.

Other Celestial Events:

March 4th, Venus goes retrograde at 13 degrees in Aries. Here again, the theme of March's number 13 is amplified by a planet that represents the goddess and Divine Feminine planet. Take the time to look at your love life, the quality of your relationships and what allow inspiration for what transformations you can initiate that will bring you and your relationships more into alignment with who you are as an expression of your Divine Self.

Equinox is March 20th when the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.


In summary, the celestial transits of March invite you to get in touch with the Divine Feminine part of you. Every one of us has this aspect. Embrace unexpected events that facilitate transformation. Use the epiphanies you receive to find the best expression of you and for the things that you want most in your life. Catch your thoughts when they turn to feeling powerless or vulnerable. Remember you are safe and protected by the Divine.

If you are inspired to do so, you can perform a Moon ceremony for the Full Moon and/or the New Moon.

For the Full Moon, search your inner self for whatever it is that prevents you from feeling really connected in your relationships. Write it down. On the night of the Full Moon, go out and stand in the light of the Moon, even if it's cloudy and you can't see her. Read your petition to Moon Mother, from your heart. Then burn the paper.

For the New Moon, create from your heart what you would really like to have become manifest, especially in the relationship you have with yourself. Write it on a piece of paper. On the day or night of the New Moon, go outside and face East, speaking your heart felt petition to the Moon Mother. Then plant your request in the earth.

Are you curious to know how the planetary movements affect and activate your natal planets? Would you like to know what important celestial themes are playing out this year?

Each of us is designed differently and the movement of the planets can create new energies in our lives and stir up old ones. You can more easily adapt to the unknowns in your future when you have some tools in your toolbox. I've created an online video series that you can watch at your leisure about the major themes of 2017.

You're invited to not only receive a commentary on the celestial events, but learn how to look in your charts for what is affecting you and when. You'll also hear what the angels say and learn some tools that will help you sail through the year. You're invited to learn more about this course by going to 2017 Celestial Activation Guide.

In the meantime, enjoy your life.

Elaine Correia

Spiritual Teacher and Healer

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