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Part 3: Do We Get Another Chance?

The question of what happens after death has gone on for ages. Some religions teach that this life is a one time shot. The teaching states that God created us for this one life. We had better live it well and get it right so we stand a chance to be welcomed into Heaven, especially since the alternative doesn't sound very inviting.

Other religions teach that we come again and again to experience different aspects of our Soul, for the glory and expansion of the Divine and to achieve enlightenment. This can explain a sense of deja vu. Another explanation of past life memories could stem from our genetic lineage or the genetic material in our 'body suit' or fascia.

It's all a big mystery and subject to personal belief.

Attempts at understanding what lies beyond have become more noticeable. People who have experienced near death situations talk about how there is something beyond this reality. A book called the Afterlife of Billy Fingers recounts life beyond the Veil and psychics who channel the spiritual teaching of Abraham, Lazarus, Ramtha all suggest that there is much more than just this one life on Earth. There is a whole branch of study into the Akashic Records, which is a history of our other lifetimes experiences.

It really doesn't matter which system you believe in; both systems encourage people to live honorable lives so that they can get into Heaven or so they don't have to return to learn the same lesson again. The concept of past lives offers an explanation of certain persistent limiting patterns and memories, too.

Since I have a strong connection to the other realms, I believe that we have experienced other forms of existence and gather wisdom from many 'lifetimes'. To me, life is like an all encompassing cosmic university, with may areas of study and opportunities to become experts. We master one level, graduate (by dying), take a break and come back for another level. It's ongoing, ever expanding and evolving. And just like in school, we try to learn our topic the best we can and the professor, which is our Divine Self, nudges us to gain new insights and create new ways to reach for Love and Oneness.

If you are curious and want to know more about your other lifetimes and clear the restrictions from experiences from your past, you're invited to a Soul Realignment® session.

In the meantime, enjoy your life.


Spiritual Teacher and Healer


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