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The Secret Power Of A Projector

The funeral and burial events had gone without a hitch. Now family had gone home and I could heave a sigh of relief and seek a much needed rest. The days of holding the vision for a desired outcome, the hours of communicating with each person involved to grasp an understanding of their wishes, organizing, delegating, coordinating, and seeing to all the details, had taken their toll, even if I did borrow from the life force energy of those around me.

Prodded by compliments from the family and guests, it finally dawned upon me that I was doing what I was perfectly designed to do and this is what it means to be a Projector.

In the self-discovery tool called Human Design, each one of us has a particular way we manage and move our energy. And inherent within this movement of energy are the roles we play in our life and in the lives of others.

In Human Design theory, there are the people who initiate ideas and projects. There are those that are designed to do the work, be the work horses and master builders, those that are designed to act like canary birds for their community and then there is the segment that are designed to guide and direct the whole show. Each of these energy types have a specific pattern of behaviors and motivations and strategies for success.

This article reflects what I discovered about the secret power of a Projector.

A Projector, in Human Design, is gifted with an incredible ability to know what needs to be done to get a project completed satisfactorily. They will work with super-human powers to accomplish their goals. They naturally want to direct others in the tasks needed and oversee the manifestation process with a deep wisdom about the emotional needs of others and a clear understanding of the steps necessary for success. However, they don't have sustainable energy. These people are very adept of 'borrowing' life force energy from others and use it to seem like super-workers, working longer, quicker and more efficiently than their counterparts. They are most suitable to short term projects, where they can expend intense energy and then rest. They are like the Italian Greyhound, who sprints after a squirrel, then sleeps the rest of the day. Each Human Design type has a particular strategy that supports them and leads to their success. The Projector is designed to be invited and recognized. If they push to initiate, they can feel the bite of rejection.

Many Projector type people must overcome a major challenge: they are not like the other 80% or so of the population. Often people don't understand their variable life force, which makes it hard to keep up with those that have regular, sustainable life force energy. So Projectors will push themselves, trying to fit in, earn a living and prove that they are worthy of respect and advancement like their sustainable energetic counterparts.

Over time, they burn themselves out, exhaust themselves to the point of illness and chronic health problems. And until they understand why, they think there is something wrong with themselves and beat themselves up for being unworthy.

What energy type are you? The best is to have your chart prepared, but here is a very general way to find out your type.

Can you work all day, go to sleep at night and be ready to go to work again the next day, day after day? (Of course it helps if you like your work.) Do you feel better after you tire yourself out at the end of the day and sleep better? Are you consistent, show up to your work each day? If this is you, you are designed with sustainable, Generator type energy.

Do you work best with projects that have an end date, and then take a break afterward? Do you feel best when you get a lot of sleep? Do you have trouble being 'heard'? Do you pick up 'doing' energy when you are around people and suddenly find yourself working furiously and driven to get something done? You could be 'borrowing' other's energy. If this sounds like you, you are designed with unsustainable energy and are a Projector.

When I reviewed my life patterns, I saw that I did best with projects; something that had a finite end date or goal that was in the near future. Often I would start a new project before the old one was complete and drove myself ever onward. I could get away with it when I was young. Now, my goal is to do one project at a time with rest breaks.

When I was younger, I didn't realize that I was not like everyone else, so pushed myself to be like those with sustainable energy. However, my body was wiser than my mind, and I would get sick, injure myself or some event that forced me to take a break.

Instinctively, I loved to start a project, learn about it and work out the bugs. When it was complete, my enthusiasm waned and I was ready for a new project. It didn't matter what the project was, I was willing to try it. Consequently, I became mistress of a lot of trades, from the mechanics of engines to computer programs, to taxes and resource management to healing techniques and intuitive skills and a whole lot in the middle.

But the unsustainable energy piece haunted me. I felt weak and not good enough because I got tired sooner than those I worked with. I got bored and restless and wanted to do something different. I heard over and over, "Why can't you stick with something and master it?" Or worse, "He couldn't come to work today. Sick or something. He's just lazy!" These are Generator words, spoken by those with sustainable energy. I felt like there was something wrong with me, until I learned about Human Design and the picture of my life came into focus. The power of childhood and adult influences runs deep and it still has taken about four years for this new awareness to sink in.

Here are 10 tips for a Projector type person to master their power.

  • First of all, understand you are not like everyone else. You are hear to guide, direct, manage and oversee. You are NOT designed to do ALL the work. There are other energy types that are designed to do the work.

  • Because of the way you manage your life force energy, it is important that you are invited into projects or work. Then you will receive the respect you need so that you can instruct others on the steps to achieve the goal.

  • Ideally, do short term projects and then take a break to recharge. You may have to retreat into your inner sanctuary, and say no to the demands of your outer world for a few days and get someone else to do the tasks you normally do.

  • Make sure you have time alone to discharge other people's energy. It will help you sleep if you are not immersed in other people's vital force energies.

  • Watch your energy levels and listen to your body. Your body is your instrument for accomplishment and best friend. Your body is very wise and will warn you when you have exceeded your capacity.

  • Simplify your life, especially if you have to work at a job. Self care is hugely important so that you can sustain your vitality.

  • If you are an entrepreneur, arrange your schedule so that you have down times. Get help with all the details of running your business. Don't chase after the latest business success plans. It wastes your energy and money and leaves you feeling very frustrated when the advice of the experts doesn't work for you.

  • When you feel resentful or jealous of someone else's success, remind yourself that you are different, have a different purpose for being alive and that you have talents that other's don't have.

  • Trust. Trust in your self. Trust you are always safe, protected and provided for.

  • Take care of yourself. Break all the rules about pleasing others and put your well-being first.

  • Remember you are a pearl, a gold nugget, a precious treasure for the rest of the world. Care for yourself like you would a great treasure. You don't show your treasures to just anyone. They must ask for the treasure of your gifts and abilities.

Of course there are a lot of variations to the theme and some of these tips apply to other energy types with specific patterns in their charts. If you are curious to find out more about yourself, learn how to leverage you energy so that you can make choices that support your body and life purpose, then you're invited to get your FREE chart and schedule a session.

And your biggest secret power? When you stop trying to be like everyone else and allow your life force to flow freely in a situation where you are respected and appreciated, you are incredibly effective at getting things done, quickly, correctly and successfully.

You have the gift of wisdom. You can't help but become wise to people when you are receiving and 'borrowing' their life force energy. It's like doing accounting for someone. Where people spend their money is who they are. Likewise, the quality of the energy you pick up from another person speaks volumes about them.

Elaine Correia

Spiritual Teacher & Healer


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