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The View From Above: The Role Of Your Body In Self Expression

When you want to know something, do you ever ask your Angels and Spirit Guides?

Recently, Doreen Virtue was talking about doing automatic writing. I used to have extensive conversations with my Spirit Team a number of years ago, but had gotten out of the habit. I decided that she had a good idea and would give it a try. Besides, I wanted some answers about thought I'd been having about the physical body's role in our self expression. So here's what my team had to say.

"You are more than your physical body and set of Earthly rules. It's hard for you to grasp that you are Everything. As a Divine Spark, hosted in a human form, you have it all, you are it all, You are money, food, friends, lovers, children, love, joy. You are everything. Be yourself and you will have whatever you want, effortlessly. Trust in the Divine part of yourself.

"You can develop trust by listening to your body. It is wise and will give you messages about everything. Follow it's guidance.

"Your human body is naturally aligned with with your Divine Self. Your Divine Self, also known as your Divine Essence, is what animates it. The healthier you are, the more connected and aligned you are with your Divine nature, which is your true and authentic self. You not only have a physical form, but you have an Essence that is your Soul's link to the Divine, which is the totality of the energies you chose to express. These energies are what formed your physical body and what animate it. Your body knows when your choices and actions are in alignment and support the Essence of who you are and when they do not. When you make choices that align, you feel good. You have energy and things flow smoothly. You feel satisfied.

"When you make choices that don't match your Divine Essence, your body hurts, you injure yourself, you get sick, tired and don't feel well. Chronic illness equals chronic choices that deny a part of your Essence and ultimately, deny a part of your life force and natural vitality.

"It's easy to forget and become disconnected from your Divine Self. Your body is your barometer to how well you are connected to your Divine Essence or Divine Self. Tools such as Astro-numerology, Human Design, Soul Realignment and many others, offer a roadmap and clues to the Divine energy patterns that animate your body and consequently, the life opportunities that come to you.

"Understand that existence is all about energy. Life as you know it, is the shifting of energy patterns. You call them experiences. Remember, you are everything. You are all the energies and it's your choices that create the events you have. Your body tells you, gives you feedback on your choices. Choices that align, support and express the pattern of energies you call you, makes your body and you feel good. Listen to your body. It will help you become aligned with your true nature.

"Remember everything is energy and energetic patterns. Your body is formed from a specific set of energetic patterns and is perfectly designed to express the Essence of who you are. Remember that. It's the key to healing it. Your body is designed with energies you chose with certain patterns that naturally express in certain forms and behaviors. Follow your inner 'ley' lines and you'll feel satisfied, be happy and your body will be healthy.

"Trust is the glue, the bridge, the key to connecting with your Divine Self. You must trust you have a Divine nature and trust in the process. Intuition is a bonus. The body is the best feedback. Intuition is used to connect and talk to us, to get clues on your best choices, to aid others in understanding themselves so they can make choices that align with their true nature. Define 'true nature' as Divine nature, Divine Essence or Divine Self. The concept of being more than what you see is something humans struggle with.

"Do what is in alignment with your Divine Essence. You will enjoy it. Remember you are everything and when you are connected with your Divine Essence, you are fully provided for.

"Fear to step into your power and authenticity becomes like a cloak that dims your light. You remember other life experiences and are afraid to repeat the past. Pay attention to when you feel fear and ask for help. Call on us to clear and heal the past. Help comes in many forms. Some are direct interventions. Other times, aid comes in the form of classes, people, or events that offer you the opportunity to learn and assimilate. These are best for you because you have to understand the process before you can share with others. Follow your heart and listen to your body."

Here's a clearing and healing request you can use.

Divine Beloved, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, please come to me, clear and heal me.

Archangel Michael, please clear the cloak of fear that enshrouds me, removing all tentacles that affect all parts of my life. Please disconnect all energetic cords that others have connected to me and reconnect those cords into their respective higher selves. And disconnect all cords I have in others and connect them into my higher self.

Archangel Raphael, please send Creator golden substance and white light to heal all scars and fill all holes left by the energy cords and fear tentacles.

Divine Beloved, change me, help me trust that I am always protected and provided for. Restore me to my highest vibration for the good of all.

Makes it so now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Spiritual Teacher and Healer


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