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Venus and Taxes: How Are You Affected?

Many people dread this time of the year. It's tax time.

So what makes paying taxes so distasteful for so many people?

Even though we all benefit from government services, we still feel like we have no control over where our money is going. It's not like taking our dollars and choosing to buy a car or go to dinner. We relinquish control over our money and someone else gets to decide what to do with it. And what if they waste our money instead of spending it wisely?

For some of us, especially when we are motivated by money, such as when your Moon is in the second house in your Astrology chart, being faced with a undesirable tax bill can bring out the shadow side of our relationship with money. We worry, wring our hands, fret about having to pay for governmental waste. We tense up because of an ancient fear of not having enough.

There is not a lot we can do about the first dilemma, but the second one can be addressed. Interestingly enough, Venus, the planet associated with wealth, creature comforts, love and beauty goes retrograde March 9 and stays that way until April 15. So for many of us, as we do our tax returns, our money concerns and beliefs will stare us in the face. We have the opportunity to recognize when we are operating from a place of lack and fretting about our abundance. We have the chance to take a close look at our relationships with money, how we feel about it, review our perceptions of wealth, spending and resources. We can recognize when our money beliefs are triggered by a tax liability.

I had the opportunity to explore this phenomenon first hand when I discovered I owed a lot more taxes that I expected. This triggered deep seated belief patterns about money and the shadowy victim energy of my natal Moon in the second house. Somehow, just recognizing this as a tangible reason for my angst took the emotional charge out of the situation. And luckily, since I also have the treasury gate in my Human Design chart, I have the money to pay it. So it will all work out. It took paying attention to what I was feeling and an awareness of my design and the current planetary influences to help guide me through this trigger.

You're invited to increase your awareness about what triggers your money attitudes and why, so that you can more easily cope when you find out you owe additional taxes this season. Feel free to contact me for a session to learn how your money and wealth design are affecting you.

Until then, take time, while Venus is retrograde and we are in a 13 month of unexpected changes and regeneration, to review your beliefs surrounding value, money and love and beauty. Maybe there is something that could be changed. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like you want your beloved to treat you. After all, money is only a representation of value and each one of us has value.


Spiritual Teacher and Healer

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