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Do You Know That You Are Living Your Purpose?

It's so easy to think that living our purpose is something monumental, sort of like having a super career, an awesome job where you save the world or something equally glorious.

Well, I hate to burst the illusion. We are already living our purpose just by being who we are, every day. Now for some people, their self expression and purpose is much grander and more visible than for many of us. The truth is, we are all living our purpose for as long as we exist.

I came to this conclusion after long studies into the birth codes of other people, as well as my own charts. We are born with natural tendencies, drives, wants, desires, abilities and natural inclinations. Some people love to study. Others love to invent something new. Others like to teach or they make great guides and leaders. There are as many careers as there are people on the planet. The question becomes, how consciously we are aware of who we are being, as the expression of our purpose.

It's easy to think we are supposed to be or do something different from what we are already doing. And there may be something to that urge. Our most natural and effective way of doing things often gets masked when we are young so we can survive and fit into our world.

But if you step back for a minute and compare your life experiences to your birth codes, you will see that to one degree or another, you naturally express the elements that make you, YOU. And that is your purpose.

Imagine, what if you are designed to care a lot about money. Then that is who you are. You talk about it, you watch over it, you worry about it. Friends may tell you that you worry too much about money. What about the person the person who is designed to really need to be in a relationship, or conversely, need a lot of time alone to feel healthier. Rather than judging yourself for being different, or feeling guilty or pressured by what your partner or others say, do what's in your heart. Take the time to be alone and nurture yourself. You benefit and so does the whole world. In the quest for money, you learn the value of yourself. In a relationship, you learn boundaries, compassion and oneness. In your aloneness, you have room for new inspirations. Each behavior has a purpose and benefits all.

Each person has a particular role and part to play in the lives of friends, family, co-workers and this extends to a global scale. When we relax and have the courage to understand ourselves, trust in the Divine, Spirit or whatever we call it and be yourself, you effortlessly are living your purpose. You touch many lives and we all benefit from you being you.

You're invited to step back and compare your life experiences and your behaviors with your birth codes. Do you notice that in one way or another, you have been living true to your design? What areas of your life are not quite as aligned? (If you don't have your birth charts, you can request your chart and a video reading here.)

Thank you for being you. :)


Spiritual Teacher and Healer





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