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May, Transforming the Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

There is magic in the Numerology of May! We are offered a chance to put on our magic hat and transform something in our lives or in ourselves.

Traditionally, the Alchemist transmuted lead, a common and ordinary material into something precious, gold. Now we may not be able to do that particular activity, but we certainly have the power to transform something mundane in our lives into something that fills us with enthusiasm and joy. Maybe it's as simple as giving your car a bath. Or as complex as shifting your thought patterns to envision an awe inspiring future.

With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde for all of May, the journey for our Alchemist is inward, seeing the blessings and lessons in the challenges we face, then taking those lessons and applying our secret sauce of inner power to bring about new circumstances.

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 10, 2017 opposite the Tauren Sun brings an element of sensuousness and deep emotions to relationships and partnerships of all sorts, including the relationship with yourself. Taurus is the sign of love, beauty and creature comforts. Venus, it's associated planet is in the sign of Ares, so watch out for sparks in your relationship dealings.

In Human Design, the Full Moon activates the gates of 23 and 43, Assimilation and Breakthrough, creating a channel between the Ajna and Throat. This genius energy aids very nicely in the alchemical theme of May, since it discerns best 'new' idea or process that is worth bringing into our physical reality.

The Gemini New Moon on May 25, 2017 brings an element of stability and structure to the mental sign of Gemini. Mercury, the planet associated with Gemini, is in Taurus, lending a grounding influence to the stories we tell ourselves and others about our lives.

In Human Design, the New Moon sits in the gate 20, the gate of Collaborator and a deep understanding that true power comes from working together.

What aspect of your life are you going to transform? Here's a hint from the Angels: Balance activity with passivity. As you go about creating your personal form of gold, listen to your inner guidance for the times when it is auspicious to take action or talk to people. Then wait for the seeds you have sown to return to you with the creation you have intended.

Enjoy the process and marvel in your results.

Elaine Correia

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