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July Forecast: If You Could Manifest Anything, What Would You Have?

July transforms the insights and wisdom attained from our introspection in June and allows them to form into something we can see, touch, feel and experience.

July is a Universal 17 month in a 17 year. It holds the potential for double manifestation of something life-changing, that withstands the test of time. Yet, within all of this manifesting energy are the roots of initiation and co-creation with Spirit.

Some people may manifest their hearts desire, their dream job or residence, lover or more. Underlying this external expression of dreams is a foundation of trust based upon the philosophy that what you desire can become a reality. With the creative energy of July, pay attention to your energetic state and thoughts, so that you manifest what you really want and create the long- lasting effects that animate your life and the lives of those around you.

July 9 in Europe, July 8 in the US, there is a Capricorn Full Moon at 17 degrees. Once again, this theme of physical manifestation is reinforced. A retrograded Pluto is adjacent, enticing us to look at balancing our perceptions about our use of both inner and outer power as our primary motivation and our emotions and passions, especially surrounding our desires for abundance in our material world.

July 23 in a Leo New Moon at 00 degrees. The number 0 represents the sea of all possibilities, ideas that have not taken form, the chaos from which form initiates. The new moon also represents a place to go inward and plant new seeds for manifestation. Allow yourself to go within and dream of what you really want in your life and in the world around you. Allow yourself to tease out of the many possibilities, those that represent and express who you are in the fullest and most inviting way possible.

In the yearly cycles, July, as the 7th month, suggests a time for introspection, listening to your inner voice. Yet, in the grand cycle of the years, it is also a month to bring the whispers of your inner voice out into the visible world. It’s a blending of aligning your creative actions with the divine intentions of Spirit, so that what you birth is for the highest good of all.

Since the theme of manifesting and creating is amplified this month, it's important to become cognizant of the essence of your dominant vibration, since that is what you will attract and experience in your life. In other words, if you are feeling depressed, angry at world events or frustrated that you aren’t getting what you want, you will get more of the same.

When you shift your energy frequency to a different vibration, such as joy, love and gratitude, then your outer experiences will reflect this back to you and people will treat you respectfully and life flows with more ease.

July offers us an opportunity to take the risk, bring heaven to earth and create a new life for yourself. The major theme is about bringing your dreams and desires into form. To receive the fullest yield requires raising and keeping your vibration high.

I’ve created a short video series to demonstrate how easily you can include a gratitude practice in your life and encourage you to see life from the bright side. You’re invited to, where you can sign up for the free video series and weekly gratitude messages.

In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of your inner and outer labors!

Elaine Correia

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