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Bring It On!

In just a few days, on August 21, 2017 the moon will pass between the sun and the earth, creating a solar eclipse. Some of us in the US will be in the path of total darkness.

In ancient times, eclipses pretended major events and were feared by the people who often thought they had offended and angered the gods and that the darkness was their punishment. Nowadays, we know it to be a celestial event caused by the movement of the moon and earth in their cyclical dance between each other and with the sun. What if there is more to this dance and that it is actually a message for each of us?

In astrological-symbolic lore, the sun represents our outer expression. It is the warm light of love, nurturing and sharing that we shine to encourage others to thrive and blossom.

The moon represents our unseen drives and deepest motivations, our inner child and the Divine Feminine. In the case of an eclipse, such as the one approaching, the moon moves to darken the light of the sun, and our light temporarily.

If we were to look at the sun as representing our outward expression of who we are, shining our light on earth, which represents all people and living things, and the moon, representing our deepest drives and emotions, we can tell a story of how sometimes our darkest motivations can interfere with the light of love, nurturing and activation we share with others. Thankfully, these incidents are temporary.

Carrying this analogy further, many of the eclipses we experience are partial or not seen by us at all. These can symbolize that shadowy motivations only cloud our light a little on random occasions.

The August 21 Leo New Moon total eclipse for much of the US offers us an opportunity to take a really good look at what drives us and how it is affecting the lives we create. The regal and sometimes egotistical Leonine energy urges us to take a look at how we are expressing ourselves, truthfully and playfully. Lets ask ourselves how we can open our hearts in friendship and generosity and follow the path our wise hearts guide us to bring us the joy that is our birthright.

Numerologically, August 21 is a number 18 Universal day, in an 18 Universal month of August. This energetic emphasis is on seeing our world and ourselves with compassion and unconditional love, letting go of what no longer supports a vision of humanitarian caring and planting the seeds of a new future; one of peace, love and respect for all life.

This eclipse in Leo offers us a powerful time to really take a look at what’s not working in our lives and explore the hidden meanings and reasons why and uncover the beliefs that darken our own sun, forgive ourselves and others, and surrender to the Divine Plan in its many and diverse forms. Find peace in our hearts and calm our minds. Be in touch with the messages in our emotions. Let’s embrace these transformative energies with open hearts and see what blossoms from it.

Each of us will be impacted in our own special way, depending upon how the planets and position of this Leo New Moon aligns with elements in our birth charts.

If you want to know how you will be affected, you are invited to schedule a session or a video reading.

No matter how these powerful energies affect you, there is always something to be grateful for. You’re invited to join my gratitude community by signing up for weekly email gratitude statements that remind you all is well, no matter what and that there are plenty of things in your life to be grateful for.

Here’s one: I’m grateful that I get to experience the totality of this eclipse and all the blessings it brings to me.

Enjoy yourself!



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