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Harnessing Your Power

Do you struggle with overdoing, over-working, over-eating and more? If a little is good, do you think that more is better?

What if this tendency is the way you are designed?

In our quest to be the 'perfect' spiritual being in human form, we are taught to seek neutrality, be calm and present in the moment. While this may be the perfect prescription for some people, it can cause a great deal of frustration in others. They struggle with finding a calm and centered place. They berate themselves when they over-indulge at a party, or are overly concerned about a family member or are work-a-holics. .

What if these people are designed to have 'excess' or a in kinder terms, 'surplus', built into their birth code for the opportunity of learning how to manage this form of abundance?

Where Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, is located in your astrology chart and the combination of gates and channels in your Human Design chart, can give you a clue to understanding this part of your nature and your struggles surrounding taming overindulgent behaviors. This can show up in one or more life areas, such as in communication, such as talking too much, or education, being the perpetual student. It can show up as an overt passion for life or a plethora of ideas. These people do things in a 'BIG way. They tend to be the drama king or queens, using words like 'always' and 'never'.

There are two faces to extreme behaviors. In one case, it becomes an unconscious driving force prodding you to do more, get more, be more, more being the key word here. For the most part, it has a material focus.

The other face of 'over-being' is akin to passion and enthusiasm on steroids. It, too, is a driving force, but when you recognize it for what it is- your life force, you can redirect it's power into something more suitable to your goals.

Many of us engage in some sort of excessive behavior. and there is an underlying reason for it. Needing to prove yourself is one trigger. Feeling lack or insecurity and unsafe is another. When you feel yourself getting on the treadmill at high speed, turn down the pace and recognize and appreciate all the power and energy you have.

So if you find yourself thinking that if a little is good, a lot must be better or doing too much, being overly busy and tired much of the time, then take a pause and recognize that maybe you are designed to be this way. Stop fighting how you are meant to be. Instead, channel that energy. Learn to manage it so that when you really need it, you have an abundance of it.

Most of all, don't beat yourself up for your over-achieving and expansive tendencies. They serve a purpose and are a gift to you. You were given the tendency towards extremes as part of your birthright. One of the biggest lessons with this sort of soul configuration is accepting yourself as you are. Another benefit is learning how to manage your thoughts, activities and your energy. Seek a balance between stillness and activity so that you can draw upon the vast resources within your grasp when you need it.

Look at this gift akin to the potential energy contained in a reservoir behind a dam. With conscious intention, you can move mountains with this energy. However, if you leave the floodgates open and the reservoir drains, then when you need the boost of energy, it's not there.

You are powerful. Direct your energy wisely.

Elaine CorreiaSave

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