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Welcome To 2018, A Year Of Awakened Mastery

Before we jump into the energies of 2018, a Number 11 Universal Year, let's pause and review our accomplishments from 2017.

Ask yourself:

In the past months, what changed in your life that has had a lasting effect upon you and will give you a different outlook going forward?

This could be anything from shifts in health, starting a new diet or exercise lifestyle, shifts in perception, insights and awareness about yourself and the world, learning something that greatly expands the use of your skills and talents, the death of someone close to you, a transition in work or living place and so forth. It might be that you have made a shift in your outlook of your life and have become grateful for all you have, and much more.

Make a list. This is the energy you carry into 2018, a year that invites you to experiment and test your new awarenesses.

The Number 11 is a master number in Numerology, inviting us to step into our personal mastery by connecting with the greater part of ourselves and Spirit. The energy of this number urges us to get in touch with our intuitive abilities, useful for connecting with our higher Being and to practice using that connection as a guide in moving forward in a way that encourages our highest good and the good of all. We are asked to have the courage to step boldly into the unknown, knowing that all is well and that the world is a safe place. We can review life events from the perspective that everything that happens contains blessings, either overtly or in disguise and ultimately is for our highest good.

The Number 11’s companion number is the Number 2, which relates to diplomatic communication, cooperation and co-creative relationships. We’re invited to be more sensitive in our communication, compassionately expressing what needs to be said, without judgment or criticism. Number 2 contains the energy of surrender to the Divine Order and Flow, but not of submission.

January initiates the yearly theme by creatively grounding our co-creative mastery through study, experimenting and discovering a new way of approaching life. This could mean taking a course on mastering our gifts and talents, downloading apps that help us practice meditation, honing our intuitive abilities and much more.

The Cancer Super Full Moon on January 1-2, 2018 amplifies the 11:11 theme. The super moon, which is bigger and brighter than at other times of the year, clearly illuminates our deepest feelings, especially as they relate to power in our relationships and our drive to feel loved.

The January 16-17 Capricorn New Moon invites us inward to ground our dreams and desires by building a strong inner foundation.

On January 31, we have another Super Full Moon- a Blue Moon and lunar eclipse- in Leo, again at 11 degrees, reinforcing and magnifying the call to inner awakening and authentic self expression.

2018, with the theme of awakened mastery, urges all of us to up-level our game and more fully participate in our lives. Watch your self talk and when you find yourself waxing negative, blaming or feeling powerless, stop, breathe and remember Spirit has your back and the world really is a wonderful place. Be curious about what’s on the other side of the portal to the unknown. Trust and take a leap of faith. Be open to what unfolds for you. You will have a wonderful opportunity to practice, hone and master what you learned last year.

This year, we are blessed with a great gift. Let’s unite in our mastery of who we are as energetic, Divine Beings and co-create a peaceful world of cooperative relationships and open-mindedness.


If you want to discover or deepen your awareness about yourself, you're invited to schedule a session with me.

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