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Ignite Your Intuition

Your imagination opens the door to the rest of your life

It is the first step on the path of becoming who you are meant to be.


Imagine how different times such as these would be with guided support in applying the most powerful tool in your toolbox, your imagination.


By consciously activating your intuition, you can address:

  • Challenging situations and roadblocks in your career, relationships, health, creative expression, and spiritual connection,

  • Defining and starting the next chapter of your life,

  • Writing your book and sharing your message or

  • Creatively expressing your soul’s purpose and, helping to make a better world.

Where in your life are you settling? What are you settling for?

  • How often do you push down your desires?

  • How does that suppression show up in your body?

  • Do guilt and obligation drive your choices? 

  • Do you struggle with finances?

  • Does your partner understand you?

  • Do you have a burning passion to create something functional or share a powerful message, yet something seems to hold you back?

  • Does a health condition or burnout keep you playing small?

Your imagination is intrinsically linked to the creative process. Imagine accessing your inner guidance to:

  • Have the courage to let your heart guide your life.

  • Ask for what you want with confidence, and be OK if you don’t get it.

  • Be seen for the incredible person you are.

  • Creatively express your soul’s purpose to change the world,

We come equipped with an imagination. Each of us has a unique way that we access our imagination and intuition. Events in our life can cause us to shut off conscious access to it.

I offer services and resources to awaken, activate and strengthen your conscious connection to this part of your being. 


To aid in reconnecting and activating imagination, I access your unique blueprint contained in your birth codes. When you discover what has restricted access to your imagination, then you can make new choices.  

Recorded sessions last about an hour. Bring a challenge you face. Together, we'll explore it and work with activating your imagination. Sessions include a Light Language activation. You will be given something to do as a daily practice, too. I will need your birth time, place, and name to create your charts. 

Ignite Your Imagination Session $350

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