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The Power of Retreating

Does it seem like the past just keeps re-creating itself? Does it seem impossible to create a different future, no matter how hard you work to keep positive thoughts and repeat positive affirmations?

You can break this cycle, heal your past and make new choices that create a different future. Here's how it works.

When you don't recognize the patterns of the past, the past repeats itself with infinite variations of the same theme, thereby creating a future that may look different at first, but upon closer inspection, is really the same theme playing out.

Until you understand your past behaviors, hidden motivations and thoughts, you keep repeating them, experiencing similar situations. It may seem like you are hopelessly in a never-ending cycle, destined to keep repeating the things you don't like your whole life!

By retreating to a position where you can observe the interplay between yourself and the players in your story, you then begin to see the patterns that repeat over and over. Ultimately that puts you in a position to do something about them. You are offered the opportunity to make new choices that shift and alter your future experiences.

In Human Design, the Gate 33 is the gate of retreat and of the past. It is the gate of withdrawing from the fray of life and reviewing the situation from the position of the observer, for the blessings and clues you can use to handle a similar situation differently. I often wondered how to apply the meaning of the Gate 33.

Then it dawned on me that the real blessing of looking back, especially after receiving new information, is that you can review a past event from a different perspective and learn more about yourself. From this heightened awareness, you can forgive and heal yourself and others and acknowledge the benefits of any situation you experience, be it positive or less than ideal. Looking back from the vantage point of a new perspective is actually a very powerful tool to awaken awareness and empower you in making new choices.

As a small first step in applying this look-back tool, I've made available a series of videos about the celestial energies we have experienced in 2017. Some of these energies were provocative or created unexpected events, all designed to challenge you into awakening and remembering your true nature. When you understand the nature of the energies influencing you, and compare them with how and why you responded, you glean a powerful awareness into what triggers your reactions. When you understand how you react to certain influences, when a familiar situation shows up again, you are in a position to shift your responses and try something different.

You're invited to explore 2017 Celestial Forecast In Retrospect. Enjoy the 14 short training videos describing the energetic influences affecting all of us for the year.

Imagine you are a general on a hilltop surveying the battleground of your life below. Reflect upon how you were affected by the different planetary activities, the retrogrades and the eclipses, just to name a few. Discover the cosmic themes and observe how those themes played out in your life. Receive a basic understanding of how to interpret your Astrology and Human Design charts so you can compare your chart to future transits and be prepared to know when you will tend to be more emotionally reactive or have more challenges in certain areas.

You're invited to click here for more information about what the videos cover and to sign up.

If you don't have your Astrology and Human Design charts, just let me know and I can prepare them for you.

Knowledge is power and when you understand yourself and why you respond the way you do to situations, you become powerful. You're invited to uncover your inner power and remember who you really are.


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