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November Forecast: Deepening Your Wisdom

Change creeps silently or not so silently into our lives. Sometimes we welcome change. Other times, we struggle through it kicking and screaming. How we deal with it is a reflection to how well we understand ourselves and our natural design.

November offers us a perfect opportunity to observe how we deal with change. We can embrace it as a new learning experience from which we become wiser and more competent, or we can blame others for our mishaps and effectively give our power away to someone else or something more nebulous.

As a Number 12 month in numerology, and the eleventh month, the energies of November traverse the portal to becoming someone powerful and resourceful. We are offered the opportunity to take that step through our fears, doubts and indecision and enter a world where we find creative ways to work with others towards lofty goals.

The number 12 represents the perpetual student, always questing for understanding and new solutions. It also represents a shadowy energy of giving away our power to others, feeling out of control of our lives and circumstances and feeling powerless to take effective action or resolve a situation satisfactorily.

On November 3 in the United States and November 4 in Europe, it is the Taurus Full Moon, inviting us to explore what is beautiful and meaningful in our life and to pay attention to our deepest feelings. Armed with a deep understanding of ourselves, we can push through our fears and indecision and step through the portal of new beginnings. Jupiter is in a wide conjunction with the Sun in Scorpio, offering us hope and and inviting us to find joy in the process.

On November 18, we experience the energies of the Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio is the sign of depth, secrets, deep emotions, power and transformation. Jupiter and Venus are also in Scorpio, encouraging us to take an optimistic approach to our relationships, paying particular attention to the structure of power within the relationship and our emotional triggers. Make sure there is a balance of power between you and others.

November is a month to pull away the blinders and see yourself and your life for the truth of it. You are invited to explore your innermost workings, find the beauty within yourself and claim that beauty as a part of what makes you powerful.

Enjoy learning about how you experience life. Take back your power. Don’t blame others for mishaps in your life. Instead, look at whatever you experience as a blessing that offers you and your Soul opportunities to discover what it really means to be a spiritual being living in a physical world. Make choices that enliven you and don’t worry about making the wrong choices. All choices offer you an experience. It’s up to you as to how you want to perceive your experiences. Allow yourself to be curious and enjoy learning something new and deepening your wisdom.

Reclaiming forgotten inner power can be scary and push emotional buttons from those around you. It can cause you to waiver in your resolve and doubt yourself.

That’s OK. Sometimes all you need to do is remember your awesomeness and being frightened is gentle reminders that you are OK, just as you are, power and all. Often, finding what you can be grateful for about your life experiences will support and bolster your positive state of mind and hence, what you experience. If you would like to support yourself with gratitude statements delivered to your inbox several times a week, you’re invited to go to to sign up.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for new opportunities to get to know yourself more fully.


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