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February Forecast: A Time To Regenerate Your Outlook On Life

Welcome to February, a time that supports a changed outlook on life.

2018 is a year of double new beginnings and of mastering our role in our destiny by embracing the greater part of ourselves that resides in the unknown and unfamiliar. It is a year to re-write ourselves into a new and better story.

February, as Number 13 Universal month encourages us to 'till the soil' of our thoughts and behaviors, letting go of what no longer serves us, of those thoughts and behaviors that limit our ability to move into the highest and purest expression of who we are. The Number 13, in ancient Numerology lore, relates to birth, death and renewal or regeneration. In tarot imagery, Death is in a field reaping people and has he progresses, new heads spring back into existence from the areas he's harvested. This could suggest that as soon as the old is released, new, supportive thoughts and behaviors replace them. Where could you benefit from Death harvesting the 'dead wood' from your life?

Number 13 brings change, sometimes unwelcome change. That being said, if you put your attention on what this number represents, it offers liberation from old patterns that keep us stuck, cause us to struggle and keep us small. Number 13 is the number for the mysterious. There are 13 lunar cycles in a year. There are 13 weeks in a season. It is associated with the ethers and Spirit. It has it's roots in the earth, grounding and manifesting. It is a powerfully creative feminine number. The numbers 11 and 13 support each other.

With only one lunation this month, a New Moon in Aquarius on February 15, 2018 at 27 degrees, the focus is on planting the seeds for new beginnings. You're invited to let go of old beliefs and emotions, replacing them with an altruistic future that looks towards caring for the well-being of the world and all life, looking beyond your personal needs to the needs of others and recognizing we are all in this together.

Mercury supports this Aquarian New Moon and invites us to delve into our beliefs and thoughts using a spiritual magnifying glass and explore what new thoughts you can generate.

The next full moon is in March.

The Number 13 offers us a powerful way to sever ties with the unwanted. It's an opportune time to review what's working and what's not, till the soil and pluck the weeds from your mind, then have the courage to bring forth a different vision. If you have the numbers 11 or 13 in your birth code, these energies can be amplified and you'll feel their subtle urges more profoundly.

Let's harness the power of regeneration, change our outlook on life and our world and work together to create something new and wonderful. Enjoy February!


PS. Number 13 also represents cycles. You're invited to explore your personal creative cycle with my new book called Numerology, Your Monthly Oracle. It will be available soon. You can learn more here:

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